29 December 2011

Au Palais - tender mercy ep (The Sounds of Sweet Nothing, 2011)

"Tender Mercy" by Au Palais is a very addictive song and I was indeed unable to resist and directly I connected it to another similar experience I had with "Lately" by Memoryhouse.

Both bands are duos, except Tender Mercy is a sibling duo, brother and sister, David and Elise Commathe are behind it, both are also coming from Toronton, Canada, and enjoy ethereal - 4AD tagged (This Mortal Coil / Cocteau Twins) - dreampop, thought Au Palais like it colder, darker and with more propulsive beats.

There are four tracks on this EP, besides the hit, "Pathos" stands the comparison, "Because The Night" fails to convince and "Holland" is a nice instrumental. 

Elise is singing writing the lyrics and David - who was previously working as a  minimal techno DJ -  is providing the electronic music and the melodies.

At first I was fearing to grow tired of their songs but they seem to mostly grow on me, and it sounds strangely like an upbeat and more melodic This Mortal Coil, which isn't a bad thing, with a welcome "Lynchian" Julee Cruise touch. 


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