10 December 2011

Astatine - free jazz valentine (2011, Orgasm)

The only thing which competes with the quality of the Acetate Zero discography is their lack of recognition mainly due to an absence of self-promotion. Their last album as example has been only released on vinyl. 

At least they achieved a certain form of underground recognition and most diehard fans of 90 indie styles of music such as slowcore, lo-fi or shoegazing know them. 

Entering the world of their solo extension is another story, as we reach another sub-level of discretion. It makes me feel bizarre to discover that on last.fm I am still the only listener of the "Deception Island" ep of Monovalley, solo project of Elsa, even more considering it is one of my favorite records ever.

Astatine is the solo project of Stéphane from Acetate Zero and once again the aesthetic relation is obvious but if Elsa's approach was more minimalist, here it turns into pure lo-fi bedroom shoegazing, with distorted guitars and heart on sleeve processed vocals, and the old Hood records as obvious reference, but with a melodic approach which reminds me of Eric's Trip and mostly Sebadoh.
It is released as a 7" and limited to 45 copies. Six tracks for a little more than twelve minutes, I enjoy it for nostalgic reasons, also because the standard of quality is quite high, I just regret the heavily processed nature of the vocals which make it difficult to connect totally.


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