20 December 2011

Herzfeld – The Sack (Duophonic, 1994 / Disques Persévérance, 2011)

Malcolm Eden was the singing and playing guitar in McCarthy, between 1985 and 1990, writing political lyrics under communist and far left influence. 

After the end of McCarthy, he formed Herzfeld, who released an EP and a 10-inch album on the Duophonic label, while other members formed Stereolab.

Strangely, this EP is released this year by a new French label, Disques Persévérance

I listened to the McCarthy albums but I only discover Herzfeld now and it's not so different, maybe less produced, more lo-fi, less indie and more twee, even if the political content is still present. The opening track is really delicious and is not so different stylistically of songs by Field Mice or Brighter. 
The three other songs on side A are not bad but really sound like belonging to the past and it's difficult to focus on it. The first song of side B, "Hang 'em High" has its moments but fail to convince as a whole and the two other songs follow the same fall. 

The main interest of this PE is finally the first track.

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