10 October 2010

C-Clamp - meander + return (1996, Ohio Girl)

Let's say it plain and simple, C-Clamp (Seek Lamp) was one of the major slowcore bands, with two albums leaning toward the tense side of the genre (math-rock is not so far), best exemplified by Seam, Idaho (the two first albums), Boy's Life (their second lp), Bluetile Lounge and Codeine. They offered dynamic, energetic, tense and emotionally restrained music for very subtle and continuously moving results.

C-Clamp was a trio from Chicago consisting of Tom Fitzgerald (guitar, vocals), Nick Macri (bass, vocals, percussion) and Frantz Etienne (drums). “Meander + Return” was recorded with the help of sound engineer Dave Trumfio.

What strikes first are the ascetic qualities of their songwriting, tense, slow, sad and deep, the quintessence of what the mythical guitar / bass / drums trio can offer with melancholic vocals.

C-Clamp compositions are more complex than what they look like at first. Tom Fitzgerald vocals are less monotonous that what a first impression might give. Like with Seam, every sound had got a precise function and meaning, textures emerge from slow dynamic and angular rhythmic structures and seize your attention, and the whole song maintains a melancholic emotional progression from one end to the other. 


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