14 October 2010

Mike Tamburo - the ballad of one hung glove (2009, New American Folk Hero)

Sometimes, the most moving and heartwrenching compositions have got, what could be seen as, anecdotic reasons, as inspiration. "Sapphie" by Richard Youngs was about the death ot his dog, "The ballad of one hung glove" is about a glove previously worn by Michael Jackson, which a psychic gave to Mike Tamburo in order to heal him from a curse.

But you can never underestimate the context and with both "Sapphie" and this present record, there is someone else pushing the artist to overpass his limits, and a dog too.

 It is a record in two parts, sharing the same theme, but developed differently, not unlike the "Two Songs" EP of Deep Waters, for a total length of 33 minutes, recorded live, with guitar, hammered dulcimer, vocals and effects. Rameses III could be another useful comparison, like a more lo-fi and intimate Gastr Del Sol.
Listening attentively to this record is a cathartic experience, especially on the first part, everything is build slowly and the progression towards the apex is powerful and subtle, mysterious with unexpected shifts which add mystery and tension, until the melancholic tidal wave finally reach you and carry you along in its streams until it deposits you finally, asleep on a quiet sandy beach.
The second part starts on a more tormented, autumnal perspective but slowly a gentle melancholic melody comes and takes your hand walking close to you, wishing to alleviate your sadness and finally bringing you some joy as it turns into a hymn before putting you in a peaceful state of sleep.


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