06 October 2010

Trampoline Dreamers - hate patterns (2010)

Some days, this is all, All, aLL, alL, aLL, alL i I i neeeeed.

Superchunk at its strongest noisy melodic side, The Pine, Mineral circa "The Power of Failing", the most raging parts of The Van Pelt or Seam, all of this with a fantastic NZ accent à la David Kilgour never too far from what their compatriots Loves Ugly Children reached on their "Cold Water Surf" ep in 1994.

This is a story we all known by heart, experienced many times. At first we have a local band, Body 125, lost in potential endless anonymity, and slowly with frustration and through personal explorations, someone in this band starts to accumulate many intuitions he can't fully realize an express inside the setup.

So he starts to record stuff on his own: At his home on Dunedin, William Borrie (guitarist of Body 125) wrote and recorded some powerful, brilliant, sensitive melodic and loud guitar songs, full of this perfect distortion, mixing the best of noisy shoegaze and indie emotional rock.

William finally started to send these songs to his friend, James Stutely, guitarist and singer of Body 125, who is offered the opportunity to add vocals, while losing himself through these exciting and noisy ,but emotional and subtle,  melodic lines, and who, free to express a more intimate side of himself, surprisingly achieve something at a definitely higher level that what he does in the context of Body 125.

Started as a side project, seen from this side of the planet, Trampoline Dreamers is a jewel, something you want to play at a high & higher volume than you do with music usually. Not perfect, but almost all of these songs are obvious instantaneous hymns. Of course, you may need to have spent time with some of the bands mentioned previously, but probably not, because it's immediate, urgent, full of passion, staggering and you're directly in a whirl of mixed feelings, adolescent melancholia and euphoria and I don't think something can be more relieving than such music, more exciting.

Highly recommended and free!

<a href="http://trampolinedreamers.bandcamp.com/album/hate-patterns">Hate Patterns by Trampoline Dreamers</a>

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