25 October 2010

Travels - robber on the run (2010, Own)

Third album for Travels and first one on Own Records.

While their second one was a kind of comet trail to their splendid debut, on "Robber on the run"they renew with exploration, risks and depth. After the honeymoon of "The Hot Summer", the clouds, the uneasiness and the autumnal melancholy are back in full force but without removing the playfulness tension of their song.

In a certain way, "Robber on the run" is a return to fundamentals, to the basics of their own musical perspective because the reasons I was a fan of Victory at Sea and Metal Hearts are also the reasons I'm a fan of this collection of songs.

Here, they have considered what was essential to their expression and inspiration and with this essential they have built something new. If so far Travels was a picture of what Mona and Anar were, now this is what they truly wish or can't deny they are inside, in agreement with their own, truly sincere individuality.

Strangely, the sound production sounds better, deeper, more refined, more clear, emotional, true and convincing, and it seems like the beats of the previous album looks now much more like real minimal drums and Mona Elliott is particularly on the front scene with Anar Badalov as a permanent support and presence strongly active in the background.

The standout track is "City Lights" because it joins the best parts of their pasts, an exquisite melody à la Metal Hearts and the moving, as heartwrenching as appeasing vocals of Mona.

Every earthquake has got a few replica and "What you haven't seen", "Shine", "Warm in winter"  are the other highlights of this album.

With such a backbone, ghostlike songs can circulate around bare, mysterious and suggestive like "My Funny Valentine", evocative of a possible storm with "Fiction", or strangely romantic as on "Staring back".

In the middle, archetypal indie songs are floating, filling the gaps, proving themselves to be enjoyable just the right way, "Friends in Bands", "Smile" or "Burr Song". 
A successful and recommended third album.

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