22 October 2010

Whitesand/Badlands - blank czech/humans, #1 (2010, The Riley Bushman Recordings & Archives)

I wonder who really knows or reminds of The Swirlies, Eleventh Dream Day, Juno, 90 Day Men, Savage Republic, Channing Cope or Unwound (with their last album), so I'm curious about who would or could or should enjoy Whitesand/Badlands.

Mixing alternative indie guitar rock with shoegaze,  using accents of new wave, post-punk or math-rock, this band escapes classification, while offering on this debut 7inch a coherent and well defined style of music. 

Coming from Minneapolis, this four-people started in 2008 but if they had started in 1998 - or even a few more years before -, I'm not sure their sound would have been so different. It's an enigma for me how such kind of music have been able to survive through the years or it's just a resurgence. While I enjoyed most of this scene they revive, certain tiresome aspects used to discourage me to return to these too often. While I'm not totally a fan of this 7inch, there are aspects of these songs which are really interesting and promise interesting developments, once they will be separated from typical stylistic patterns and will push the band to cross their boundaries. 


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