30 October 2010

Mineral - The Complete Collection (2010, Fatbone)

During the second part of the nineties and the early years of the new century, I've listened to the two Mineral album a ridiculously high number of times ("The Power of Failing", 1995 and "EndSerenading, 1998). 

I remember myself ordering the 7inches, tracking down the compilation tracks on Napster, all of them finally included here, all things remastered, except the absence of one track, Sadder Star, which was in fact their only weak one. 

I followed the subsequent project The Gloria Record but I've never been convinced by the album and next I totally gave up about Zookeeper.

I guess if i had last.fm working on my cd-player and walkman during the nineties they probably would be second at my top with only Seam keeping the first place due to an even stronger addiction and in fact the discovery of Mineral healed me of this previous one.

I still don't have a clue how a bunch of fans of U2 and Sunny Day Real Estate had such an impact on me and still have and I find it funny to see how much high and passionate are almost all the comments about every songs on last.fm or songmeanings, and I admit I produced such crazy and exaggerate interpretations too during these years. 

Listening to this anthology on a Japanese label, feelings of nostalgia are playing totally, reviving old feelings never totally lost and it does sound like spring, it sounds like happiness, youth, innocence, melancholy and a never ending state of adolescence. 

And I won't deny that songs like "If I could", "Gloria", "80-37", "Rubber Legs", "Love Letter Typewriter", "Palisade", "Unfinished", "A Letter" or "&Serenading" have alleviated my difficulties to go through bad times several times in the past and have helped me to develop a more positive view on life when I deeply needed one. And I really clearly remember myself listening to Mineral's "Power of failing" with earphones as the first thing on my hospital bed, recovering just after  urgent appendicitis surgery and feeling myself euphoric and strongly happy and calling my girlfriend to say how much I loved her and still love her that way today.

Thank you Mineral (for all).    

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