29 October 2010

Sun Kil Moon - admiral fell promises (2010, Caldo Verde)

Technically, this is not a Sun Kil Moon album but a solo Mark Kozelek one and as he admits, the trick is to sell that way much more albums.

"Admiral Fell Promises" is just Mark Kozelek singing and playing on  a nylon-string guitar. But somewhat, the context and the style are different and more subtle than on previous solo albums, so this new release stand somewhere between solo and band material.

While you could expect more of the same, there is a part of unexpected here. It is a strangely consistent and intense album, with a stronger solo musical presence than before. Surprisingly he is moving forward on this album, but again, the fully extent on it will be only revealed on a future full band album because his songwriting unfolds totally only in the cathartic communion context of the presence and contributions of his usual musician friends following him for most of them since the beginning of the Red House Painters.

I respect and enjoy and admire and like to analyze these songs, but none is provoking a total crush, so I'll keep "Admiral Fell Promise" in the background region of his discography, with the other solo albums and a plethora of the official and unofficial live recordings I've accumulated through the years, and I guess slowly certain songs will grow on me, through these or through past or future live or possibly band versions.

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