28 October 2010

Duster - apex, trance-like (1998, Skylab Operations)

Described as a long lost and underestimate American lo-fi slowcore trio, Duster never really fitted with the established archetypes of the style.

This sold-out 7inch from 1998 – now offered as a free download on the Static Cult label website - is in fact in a similar vein as a band like South (which one released only a self-titled album on Jagjaguwar before Patrick Phelan started a solo career), or Beadhead if they converted to shoegaze laziness à la Slowdive, or a warmer, desert inspired, Bark Psychosis. 

Two minimalist and repetitive superb hypnotic songs with whispered melancholic vocals, slow shoe-gaze atmospheres, organ, electric guitars and simple drum rhythms. If at first it sound good and intriguing without being exceptional slowly the importance of these songs grow in your mind. There laid the main problem of Duster, as your addiction for this band can only be a very slow process from indifference to admiration. 

This 7inch is a perfect introduction to their discography.


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