01 June 2011

Antonymes - the licence to interpret dreams (2011, Hidden Shoal)

I really enjoyed "31: before the light fails pt.1" (2010) and "beauty becomes the enemy of the future (2009, Cathedral Transmissions" (2010), so this new album by Ian M. Hazeldine was anticipated for me and I was full of expectations.

After having explored this new one I'm half satisfied and half disappointed. Convinced by the quality and even by technical progress but also wishing it was more surprising and regretting the use of vocals, more like spoken words, on a few tracks, which are distracting and lacking of impact.

I have the strange impression he is swerving off the road on this album, disconnected from the ambient, atmospheric, electronic scene, and playing instrumental neoclassical music which could be used for a documentary or even for a movie and at times for the quietest parts of a dance ballet. I feel no urgency to listen to this record and explore if, true that something happens, but without being vital, strong or unique. It seems that there is more distance now between the music and the composer, and then between the record and the listener I am. The poignant sadness expressed through icy reverb is now between parentheses.

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