13 June 2011

Thomas Mery - des larmes mélangées de poussière (2010, Ohayo)

Two albums with Purr, a first one giving very good impressions, connecting to the post-rock/post-hardcore/slowcore US scene and a second one sung in French but unable to get a complete achievement, like growing up too quickly.

The demise, everyone going into very different directions, followed by a solo career for Thomas Mery, which kept him busy, developing and searching, for austere, obscure and not always gripping results - but some impressive surprises -, something at times I was afraid could become an impasse.

Then finally here, joining everything, the two other members of Purr are back, Thomas Mery has been able to reach finally his aesthetic songwriting goal. I don't know if the word maturity is totally purposeful but sometimes yes it can take years before reaching an achievement of both high complexity and natural flow.

To be honest, such discovery, even if from someone I explored attentively each past release is the very reason why I keep listening and writing about music. From my very own dimension, this ep is a strong masterpiece, echoing everything I enjoyed through his discography but at a next level, giving new light to my sensitivity, both an end and a new beginning, for the songwriter and the attentive listeners.

Moving from Portuguese (for a cover of "Sinal Fechado" by Paulinho Da Viola) to English and to French, on the two other tracks, very naturally, like a river leaving a valley for a plain, it reminds me of other records and artists but pushed inside a perspective both refreshing and always his very own.

It doesn't really make any sense but in a certain way, in term of melancholic impact, I feel somewhere between the Red House Painters and the late Talk Talk, because like them, he is in a certain, way totally disconnected from the music scene, talking another new language, with lyrics, atmospheres and fragments of tension, always stunning and mysterious.

"Aux Fenêtres Immenses" lasts 12 minutes but as soons as it ends you just want to play it again, it is not a song, more like and emotional short story with a perfect balance between music and lyrics. "Ca" is from the same pot. Highly recommended.

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