07 June 2011

Antonymes - like rumours of hushed thunder (Time Released Sound, 2011)

When you have got some fans, at various degrees, no matter what you do, when your discography grows, you'll finally disappoint some of them, sometimes definitely and sometimes temporarily. Because, you evolve, because you try new things, because you live simply and anyways you never totally grasp exactly what makes people enjoy music.

I enjoyed "beauty becomes the enemy of the future (2009)" and "31: before the light fails pt.1 (2010)" but failed to adopt "the licence to interpret dreams (2011)". As a heads or tails, this new release offers exactly what was missing for me on this third one and lacks of what disturbed me on it. 

It was recorded over the Christmas period, using just piano and sparse violin, everything wrapped up in a cloud of reverb, highly intimate, personal, and with imperfections adding simply much more value and authenticity to the whole experience.

I like the way this record mixes feelings of loneliness and of comfort, creating a deep and soothing sensation of rest, mingling warmth and melancholy.

The main track of this 23 minutes EP is "301210". The effect is particularly moving and arresting - recalling the Eno/Budd collaborations -, you stop moving, you start to breathe slowly, deeply and silently, you sit down and you let your mind wander through the contemplation of the landscape outside the window.

During these six minutes you realize that it is for the discovery of such minor miracle, but major for you, that you are listening to Ian Hazeldine records and will keep an attentive eye on his discography.  

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