25 June 2011

Taylor Deupree - journal (2011, Champion Version)

After having being disappointed by "Shoals" (2010), my expectations about new releases by Taylor Deupree were reduced to a minor magnitude, but this new single (of two four minutes tracks) edited at 100 copies is a salutary shock.

It's a kind of complete reversal, after the technical and disconnected "Shoals", we discover two very personal, fragile and intimate songs - even one with vocals -, through a quite minimalist approach:  a synthesizer, some field recordings, delicate sound processing and a few effects to give authenticity.

An obvious, but indirect, reference for me is the opening song on the last Pan•American album "White Bird Release", "There Can Be No Thought Of Finishing", Taylor Deupree seems to have decided to embrace his melancholy in a similar way and luckily both tracks diverge, his own realization is both warmer and more refreshing, just like letting fresh air from a garden entering the room in the morning from an open window.

While he generally tends to build structures and textures, he it is all about emotions, a diamond in the rough, not even fully cut or polished, just intense and feverish, and really the biggest surprise is here because such direction was totally unexpected (for me at least) coming from Taylor Deupree. Maybe his recent mastering experience behind records such as the ones by S, Talons', Squares on Both Sides or Thomas Mery, gave him the envy of unsealing such kind of expression.

It is a totally fulfilling, arresting and moving record, full or nostalgia, reflexiveness and humble melancholy. And these two tracks are so open and deep and convincing, that you feel he just entered this door and is invited to settle and develop this new budding and highly personal expression.



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