08 June 2011

Simon Bainton - sun settlings (2011, Hibernate)

Simon Bainton is one half of Pausal, and if Alex Smalley tends to multiply his other projects and releases, here it is a real debut EP which was strangely recorded almost two years ago, only to see the light of the day today.

Present is the refinement of Pausal but absent is their ambient cinematic dimension and breath, as drone parts play just a very secondary role on "Sun Settlings".  While that said, Simon stays closer to Pausal than Alex did with his other projects.

"Sun settlings" is a gentle, peaceful and pastoral EP, like a long walk in very neat English gardens and lawns. This music has been patiently assembled and structured, it is delicate but the impact can only be very minor.

It reminds me of the album "Voices" by Roger Eno in 1985 which even if he was bathing in similar seas than the Brian Eno / Harold Budd collaboration totally slipped out of memory because there was no real asperities which would grab you down and make you explore hidden depths.

So yes, this EP is beautiful, subtle even, but the emotions shared are just very common and the final impression is a dusty feeling of ennui at best, towards tediousness.

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