05 June 2011

Trouble Books & Mark McGuire - self-titled (Bark & Hiss, 2011)

I admit, I've never given too much attention to Mark McGuire and to his band Emeralds because none of his tracks I've heard grabbed totally my attention.

On the other side, my admiration for the discography of Trouble Books is without flaw so far.

It happens both come from Ohio, husband-and-wife duo Trouble Books is from Akron and Mark McGuire lives in Cleveland, and without doubt were fans of each other output which is not a surprise as they share a common ground of scintillating atmospheres.

As their universe, made of loops, synths, dedicated attention to the smallest detail and appeased vocals nicely complements the guitar haze of Mark McGuire such collaboration was both obvious and naturally successful.

Trouble Books are on their linear shoegaze mood and Mark McGuire adds the bright and refined ethereal guitar background, though it's not totally similar in terms of aesthetics such collaboration brings to mind what Harold Budd did with the Cocteau Twins on "The Moon and the melodies", as both are definitely ambient and soothing, defining a common ground which would be like the blurry image of a happy picnic with friends, one superb late spring afternoon.

From the beginning to the end, it is simply fascinating  and captivating, you're invited to dream of holidays in the countryside, of singing birds flying in the sky or in-between trees, far from any city sounds, of flowery meadows in the refreshing breeze while your attention is grabbed by wild berries just waiting for you to eat them. This is a postcard from paradise.

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