10 June 2011

Colour Kane - mild to wild (2010)

Colour Kane is a Belgian duo band Antwerpen and they are releasing their second album. Two names come immediately to mind when I listen to their music: The Cocteau Twins and Hammock. 

Like them they enjoy ethereal, cascading, guitars and some beats, and like the Cocteau Twins, they develop on it vaporous female vocals.

With some differences, vocalist Marjan Snykers sings quite well but she doesn't have the depth, presence and crystalline presence of Elisabeth Fraser. She is just an element and never the central part. 

Secondly the Colour Kane compositions are more melodic and dynamic than these two bands and so they are closer to the neo-shoegazer scene who never stopped since the decline of the bands who defined the genre until the early nineties. 

Thirdly the main feeling I have while listening to "Mild to wild" is nostalgia,  nostalgia for the times I was totally into the shoegaze scene as a listener, something which would bring me back to around 1988-1993 and I feel curious to listen again to the late albums by the Cocteau Twins.

Colour Kane is a band a talented musicians able to revive a genre and make it credible but I feel a lack of substance because if technically their record is superb, there is nothing particularly original or new, nothing surprising, it just come close at times to old emotions I already explored with other bands.  

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