07 June 2011

Caught In The Wake Forever/Karina ESP/Sheepdog- sadness & static (2011, Hibernate)

A few ideas borrowed from Hood circa "Rustic Houses, Forlorn Valleys", "The Cycle of Days and Seasons", plays over and over again, static and diluted, with just enough bitterness to avoid saturation from the listener. "Sadness & Static" seems like an accidental success, it is in two parts for a total length of 18 minutes.

This EP is an on-going collaboration between three solo projects, with Fraser McGowan (Caught In The Wake Forever), Chris Gowers (Karina ESP) and Gavin Crawford (Sheepdog), who met each other through their participation in another band, Small Town Boredom, a band which released a few records on Trome Records (run by Chris Gowers).

Sad and static, can't think of better words for this EP, which is it's strength and his default, mixing statism and sadness create in fact conditions of tension which avoid falling in a completely boring atmosphere, but also, this non evolution is also very austere and fails to give a very durable quality to this record. You can't disqualify them for participating to the race but you know they won't mount the podium at the end. While that said, there are quite pleasant instants on this EP and who know they may break the ice finally on their next record together.

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