18 April 2012

Deep Waters - endless winter (2009)

It's really mysterious why this spring 2012, David Spalvieri-Kruse finally digs up and share on his facebook page a collection of seven lo-fi  folk songs he recorded on a 4-track with his acoustic guitar during the winter of 2009. 

Maybe on the promised dawn of his forthcoming second album, it was the perfect time to "hagiographically" fill the gap and add some more mystery. 

While the two videos presented as sketches for his future album show him moving forward and exploring a more atmospheric and ambition approach, down here he is back to roots, minimal and just authentic and haunting.

This is the kind of stuff you may expect from artists such as Will Oldham, Hayden, Mark Kozelek or Smog, seven songs recorded in one take and with no overdubs, all written for this mini-album and never performed again later.

None of these songs stand above the rest or are totally memorable but this collection perfectly captures an ambiance and an atmosphere of poignant melancholy, and makes the discovery absolutely worthwhile if you're a fan of some of the aforementioned references.

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