25 April 2012

He Can Jog - norwood, wisconsin (2011, Nomadic Kids Republic

He Can Jog is project of Erik Schoster, a computer musician from Wisconsin.

"Norwood, Wisconsin" is an album he released on Nomadic Kids Republic.

On 'Pippi', the second track, He Can Jog explores the very conventional type of ambient drone instrumentals, wit digital manipulations, drones, and sparse piano sounds. Well done, but terribly conventional and then almost anonymous, and a length too short to reach whatever apex and to start a deconstruction.

I find the last track, 'Company', uneasy to grasp, an association of layers of cold drones which never really catches my attention, always on hold somewhat.  

The main and only interest of this album is the brilliant opening track, which gives the name of the album and reaches a length of almost 22 minutes. The originality is the mix between ambient and electronic pop, with delicate shoegaze elements as binder. The melody and vocals propel you and you're in orbit during the the atmospheric parts waiting for the next sunny parts full of ecstatic whispered vocals. Here, He Can Jog sounds totally like a modern version of Insides ("Euphoria"(1993) / "Clear Skin"(1994) or a warmer and ambient version of Gregor Samsa or L'Altra, playing subtle adventurous and mysterious ambient dreampop. Recommended.


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