12 April 2012

Megan & Amelia - haiymakks (2012)

I will not start worrying. Megan & Amelia is not for everyone. If you're a fan of Talons', Vio/Miré, The Love of Everything or Carissa's Weird, you should envisage making a stop here.

"Haiymakks" is the first official solo release by Ryan Fleischer after a few obscure demos and in fact most of these songs are mostly reworkings. There are six song for a little less than half an hour.  The recording quality is much more better and the essence of the demo version is kept, but sometimes this clarity makes some weaknesses more evident. Mostly the vocals which can be disturbing at times and in fact often remind me of Marty Anderson (Okay, Dilute) even if the mood is more melancholic and introspective here.

Thank god, I'm deeply enjoying "I'll see you later, forever" and "Vai Vai" which are as perfect as songs can be and makes me feel more alive, both emotional and close to tears, with their delicacy, the subtlety of the atmospheres and their melancholic intimate intensity.

Well, compared to these two ones, the four others are staying in the shade, even if they have their clearings and sunny spells, their moments, mostly "Fuck Mountain" and "Feast, Arrogant Youth". These two songs are exploring a more poignant and organic direction (the *hardcore influence probably) which could lead him in the direction of Kickball. The last two songs are more experimental.

Well, I'm a fan of Megan & Amelia and two of these songs turn immediately into personal  instant classics and I'm gonna keep these forever on my desert island playlist.


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