28 April 2012

Wil Bolton - under a name that hides her (Hibernate, 2012)

It's not the first record by Wil Bolton that I listen to but it' the first one to capture my attention and to feed my imagination so I keep on playing it.

There are a few reasons for that. First nostalgia is the main theme so it is filled with intimate partially blurred and dissolved melancholy. Secondly he found inspiration in the guitar bands he listened to as a teenager, like The Cure, The Smiths, The Velvet Underground and My Bloody Valentine, and thirdly as a consequence he gives more space to the guitar and to his manipulation and less place for digital processing and conception.

Anyways it is a mostly ambient record, mixing drones, quiet electric guitar playing and natural field recordings.

"Clearing" opens the record abruptly, directly we are plunged inside, sunrise sounds of guitar with singing birds announcing the dawn and recurring xylophone sounds; waves on the seashore for the nocturnal and pensive "Blackpoint", laying at dusk on a meadow, watching the appearing starry sky on "Skyview", while the wind and the birds are playing in trees around, "Barbed" is for the rainy days, stuck inside, feeling almost wasted and filled with regrets until an hypothetical weather change. 

Finally the sun is back, and the appeasement, beautiful spring walk in the countryside for "Dissolve", full of life and green luxuriance. It ends on the introspective and wintry "Passing", with snowy landscape recovering souvenirs of last summer and spring.

As a whole, "Under a name that hides her" is a nice and recommended album which is remarkably  fulfilling and ask you for space, time and for slowing down a few hours.  


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