12 April 2012

Marcus Fischer - willamette River (Flaming Pines, 2011)

This is very much like the other releases by Marcus Fischer, bright but austere, not for the headlights but dedicated to semi-shade areas

As part of the 10 three inch CD series "Rivers Home", it is dedicated and inspired by " the path of the Willamette river through Portland, where it passes under a series of bridges, homes and industry before the two rivers meet."

Twenty-one minutes of patiently processed and assembled field recordings, guitar and electric piano sounds.  You can imagine the flow of the river between wooden, metal and concrete structures, along, surprisingly quiet, like if it was picturing dawn, when the first lights of the day start to reflect on the undulating surface of the water along night lights belonging to human activity. There is the feeling of a quiet, strangely impassive natural force which could swallow up or carry along everything coming in contact with it. A nice addendum to his growing discography.


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