05 April 2012

Gareth Dickson - quiet a way a way (12k, 2012)

When folk music meets introspective intimate ambient music you find "Quiet a way a way". With the guitar still playing the first role, so it's mostly a stripped down collection of folk songs complemented with sparse ambient elements in the background, and with some reverb adding a constant foggy blur.

My only regret is that as a whole the album doesn't work as well as some separate parts would let you suppose. Sometimes I feel like I'm left without directions, The songs seem more deconstructed than drifting, and the density of the guitar play keep you alert and don't really let you escape. There is tension but it's not built in order to create climaxes, just climates in fact.

There are eight tracks, the first one, "Adrenaline" bores me and makes me nervous, and I have the same feelings for the title track, and for the last one "Jonah" which makes me tense. 

I much more prefer "Noon", where Gareth follows a contemplative and atmospheric pathway, offering sunlight with his guitar while his, Nick Drake infused, hushed vocals are floating above. I even wish this song would have been twice longer. 

There is a growing tension / frustration built during the seven minutes of 'Get together"', not unlike the kind of developments someone like Thomas Méry affectionates.

"This is a kiss" is my favorite track, full of warmth, intimacy, silence and melancholy, deeply emotional and arresting. With a slow and intense progression as the heart is filled with emotions and despair. 

The instrumental "Happy Easters" is for me the perfect translation of the cover artwork, full of light and blurry too,  as if the remains of fog were slowly dissolved by the sun, and you walk, like in a dream, dazzled. I like the nostalgic retro folk colors of "Nunca Jamas" which reminds me strangely of Bridget St-John.  

I totally enjoy three tracks, "Noon", "This is a kiss" and "Happy Easters"and just tolerates the rest of the album. 

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