26 April 2012

Kate Carr - summer floods (2011, Flaming Pines)

While her second EP "Brisbane River" is a true overwhelming beauty, delicate and somber, with a length of 16 minutes giving the time to go deeper in a subtle way, this previous one seems to belong still to her formative years. 

There are five tracks, from two to seven minutes and often she is close to be start dealing with something remarkable "Saturday Night" starts with a beautiful guitar loop and a nice collage of rhythms and sequences, but just when it could have been developed in something more adventurous, minimal and deconstructed it's the end.

'Comfort in the Sound' is cold, uneasy and in a certain way sterile as you don't really have reason to enjoy such experience. 'From these dreams a boat' just goes on in the direction.

Much more interesting is "the lonely owl gathers wisdom" mixing electric organ with delayed electric guitar, field recordings of water, and some recurring sounds from a sort of whistle almost mimicking night owl. Again on "a choir full of longing", it's finally the use of the guitar, even if just as a loop which gives a soul to the track.

"Summer Floods" is mostly a collection of track which show the slow, and still incomplete at this time, emergence of an artist. I'm eagerly waiting for her next release.


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