13 April 2012

Pale Seas - something or nothing (2012, Fear & Records)

They remind me of Galaxie 500. Let me repeat it, "They remind me of Galaxie 500". Yes, unbelievable.

Last time I must have used this sentence, it was in 2009, for Snowtorm.

Even more, there is something from the Go-Betweens in their sound, potentially, their love of warmth and melancholy, their sad romantism.

They are not revolutionizing the indie approach of songwriting, but these two songs are hooks you can't refuse and just wish two enjoy as sunny minutes of happiness. And the members of Pale Seas are digging their own sound, crafting their own language.

The a-side is short and concise and the b-side longer and quieter just like it should be. For the completists there is a demo version of "Amour" floating on youtube, under their previous name Netherlands, which is worth the quest too.

Pale Seas is a four-pieces from Southampton, UK, now based in London, fronted by the singer and guitarist Jacob Scott.  This 7" sounds like the first piece of a legend. There is an aura, and in the end, only this matters.



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