03 October 2010

Thanksgiving - the 'in the world ep (2005, Marriage)

A few years ago, in 2004 to be exact, I've seen Adrian Orange – from Portland -  playing alone in a kind of cellar somewhere in Brussels. I think Sharron Kraus and Fursaxa have shared the scene with him that night.  He was playing guitar and singing barefoot, with a very simple and humble attitude, and the show was intense. His interpretation and his songwriting had something of old records by Palace Brothers, Smog or Songs Ohia: bare, honest and sincere.

Next to this show I was totally decided to explore his discography. But for a reason or another I never did it, always delayed it. The reason was that even if the show was really intense with a certain fragility, there was nothing completely disturbing. 

For someone born in 1986, Adrian Orange has got an impressive discography behind him, another one of these precocious American indie songwriters.

But hazard finally brought me back here. I'm finally starting my exploration with this ep, “In the World”, six songs released in 2005. 

“In the world” is mainly him, with his acoustic guitar and a few other sounds and contributions from his musician friends. It is inspired and mostly beautiful, “Bad World” is the greatest song here, and the other ones are interesting too, but never reach the exceptional level. 

It's easy to like his songwriting but I have hard time to find something really particular in it. It is more about tradition than about clearance. The sincerity is here but the ice is not broken. He doesn't derive enough from his references so he stays in their glowing shadow.

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  1. hey didier, you must certainly listen to his "welcome nowhere" record. the most humble record i have ever heard, and therefore one my favourites..

    this ep is nice, but doesn't compare at all to W.N.