31 January 2012

AMNPTN - seasons (winter ep) (2012, Dancing on Sharks)

AMNPTN, acronym for Amineptine, an antidepressant, but also a choice easy to relate to ASMZ (A Silver Mt. Zion) as it is an obvious and claimed influence.

It is a cold and dark release but also introspective an in a certain way both intimate and depressed, mostly mournful.

There has been a lot of work on the texture for a quite accomplished result, but besides this point the melodic and emotional content seems to have been patiently understated until reaching an almost absence. 

It is an EP about grey winter landscapes, vast dreary skies, drizzle or icy winds and mostly about loneliness and the lack of light and warmth.

If you focus on the tracks, they are clearly beautiful but at the same time, they are never particularly appealing as the laziness is never compensated by tension, urgency or a striking upswing.


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