19 January 2012

Marcus Fischer - collected dust (Tench, 2012)

New album by Marcurs Fischer, recorded in Portland, OR.

It is an excessively quiet one, like those moments in the middle of the night when everyone seems into deep sleep and when the streetlights reflecting on the pavement seem to belong to another reality. These are these moments, just before dawn, when the sun is still invisible but when indirect glowing light show the apparition of dew and solitary fog clouds drifting on meadows, slopes and hedges.

You're in total atony, almost paralyzed, like sleeping but with eyes open and alert, as if your mind was expanding, absorbing the whole scenery, dissolving into it. Strangely with its abstraction, "Collected Dust" reminds me of those instrumental atmopsheric records the UK band Rothko released a few years ago, but Marcus Fischer's explorations are even more minimal, slowly covering the surfaces like dust deposit.

The only problem is that the process of listening is not very rewarding. It is soothing, it fills the space, draws surfaces, angles and color shifts but show no global or emotional directions, translating only technical impressions, without a total immersion or a cinematic dimension.

So it's better to listen to this music in a quiet and comfortable environment, and it fits perfectly for working at a desk like I'm doing now. In such conditions, the intimate dimension of his compositions finally make sense, it's like breathing at the top of mountains with low oxygen concentration, so it needs an ability to focus and let you thought expand, like fragile volutes of smoke which would be dissipated by too much agitation.

MARCUS FISCHER - Collected Dust by Words On Music


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