28 January 2012

Sinai Vessel - portion of the whole (demo) (2011)

I discovered Sinai Vessel through a recommendation on the Epithets fb page and to be honest their debut album "Labor Pains" released on October 2011 didn't convince me at all.

Just one month after they published a new demo song called "Portion of the whole" and if you recognize the voice and a certain melodic approach, the final result is a few heads above their previous recordings, definitely belonging to another category.

It reminds me of Pedro The Lion and Jim Yoshii Pile-Up with vocals somewhere between early Bright Eyes and Mineral. There is also a nice balance between restraint and intensity, between the emotional vocals and a slow tension of piano, drums, with repetitions and dynamic evolutions which are always under control, and perfectly placed guitar accents, which fill you with melancholic feelings and oxygen. 

It's just, "wow", the exact moment when a songwriter, Caleb Cordes, finds his voice, and a truly real great song.

An it's really not a surprise he is friend with Epithets, as indeed he has got a lot in common with Nick Smethurst too.

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