21 January 2012

Navel - ambient 4 : luneburg heath (Koppklys, 2011)

First it's the nice picture on the cover

which through rainy and gloomy winter weather looks particularly attractive, then there is the obvious Brian Eno reference with the title track, and finally it's this limited cassette release (50 copies) graciously offered on a blog.

It has never been so easy to be curious about music so "Ambient 4: Luneburg Heath" found easily the direction of my speakers.

Navel is a band from Stuttgart, Germany, four musicians playing instrumental ambient drone compositions. This release has been recorded in two days in August 2005. It reminds me mostly of Roy Montgomery, Labradford or the Stars of The Lid, but without being derivative, exploring in fact slightly different directions, translating the atmosphere of the picture, the dawn before sunrise during summer, in an evocative scenery. Recommended.


Navel - Lost On Luneburg Heath [excerpt] by Koppklys Records

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