05 January 2012

Happy New Year / Nite Fields - split 7" (2012, Lost Race)

Split 7inch between two bands related to Brisbane, one directly from there, Nite Fields, and the other one, the project of  Brisbane-born but now Brooklyn-based Eleanor Logan.

Two bands with the eyes in the rear-view mirror, with a new wave and shoegaze ethereal and almost cold wave approach in direct line with the Factory Records / 4AD aesthetics. This vinyl, limited to 150 copies, is the first release by the new label Lost Race Records.

"High Sea" by Happy New Years sounds like if Slowdive would have been produced by Dead Can Dance. It's ethereal, but cold, full of bright winter light, with shoegaze guitars and reverberated icy tribal drums.

"Come Down" by Nite Fields is even colder, reminding me of Joy Division and early records by New Order or Disco Inferno, in a lightly updated, reverberated form and vocals buried inside the music and processed with some delay.

Both songs are nice but without being exceptional and particularly original. It's a nice an pleasant introduction to the bands but without strong and remaining impression because the musical perspective seems mostly nostalgic and the vocal performance and lyrics are never giving the impulsion on the forefront.


Happy New Year - High Sea by lostracerecords

Nite Fields - Come Down by lostracerecords

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