08 January 2012

I am a vowel - body curves (2011, Fang Bomb)

An album in 2008, "Et Op La Bang" on Fang Bomb and three years later a 7" on the same Swedish label, with an edition of 200 copies, I am a vowel is the perfect example of an artist both rare and under the radar.

I Am a Vowel is the solo project of Nelly Larguier, originally from Paris, France is now based in London, England. It's not a record easy to describe. The two sides start with different versions of the same track, "Scarlette", one with a guitar and percussion, mostly analog, and the other one more digital, and much more processed, with the vocals sounding closer and more intimate on one side, and more deep and ethereal on the other. Besides that there is no real opposition between the two versions as it is more like two parts of the same song, two explorations of a single theme, forming an entity. She is mixing french and English vocals, but without really singing, and for me it sounds like a mix between Stina Nordenstam and Thomas Mery. It's a really beautiful, subtle and sensitive track.

On both sides and instrumental is following, acting like a ghost trail of "Scarlette", with a nocturnal and relatively dark atmosphere, but strangely intimate and played with restraint. The title track is a kind of ambient drone translation of This Mortal Coil around "Filigree and Shadow", with vaporous whispered vocals in the background, or an hypothetical mix between Labradford and Grouper with Adam Wiltzie as pilot. "Take it easy" is similar but like in  deep sleep state, with muffled heartbeats.

It is an impressive 7inch, from the first sound to the last one, and it leaves you wishing she will pursue such explorations on a full length, as it mostly opens windows and perspective, on different parts of the songs she also includes field recordings and it gives a soul to her music. Highly recommended.


B1_Scarlette_V1 by I Am A Vowel

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