26 January 2012

Sonmi451 - a new popular star atlas (2011, Time Released Sound)

I discovered the music of Bernard Zwijgen with his charming EP, "Ruis", on Slaapwel records.  But I was curious to discover what the Belgian ambient musician would realize outside of narcotic contraints.

In fact, there is no drastic change of direction, the textures are less minimal, and the repetitions less stretched, the whole mood is less hypnotic and immobile but the nocturnal dimension and quietness are still in charge.

"A new popular star atlas" is mostly dreamier, cinematic, warm and fleecy, mixing both these feelings of strangeness and intimacy you can have while admiring the stars at night.

The closest reference I could think of in terms of ambiance is The Green Kingdom, as both of them favor the sensitive slope at times defended by 12k,  but the attention and the sonic palette on 'A new popular star atlas" is is more focused and reduced, and there is like a layer of blur, probably of vapor between you and the stars.

The result is that such compositions tend to stay in the background like a beautiful and refined wallpaper but at the same time, there are elements which spark off your attention and invite you inside their fogged areas, envelopping you.

The more you listen to this record the more its richness and depth will become apparent. "Alpha Centauri", the introducing track is like being on a train at night, between two cities, admiring the Milky Way.

"Beta Crucis" is like leaving the city lights and realizing slowly how many countless stars are above us, seeing more and more appearing clearly in a multitude of constellation with a feeling of awe.

"Betelgeuse" is of pure beauty and weightlessness, floating into space, recalling me the Budd/Eno as if translated by Sawako. I'm less under the charm of the darker and monotonous "Delta Ursae Majoris" or of the slow-wave sleep inspired "Omicon Ceti". T

The peacefulness of sleep in the streams of "Rigel" is irradiant of well-being and "Zeta Orionis" is like crawling into a sleeping bag, under the stars, one clear day of July, on a trip with friends.  There is so much to explore inside this record.

Sonmi451 - Alpha Centauri by Time Released Sound

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