15 January 2012

Black Sea Storm - 2005 (2005)

This EP is the first collection of songs recorded by Ali Ozkan in 2005 for his solo project Black Sea Storm and it sounds like a minimal version of the tense slowcore / posthardcore of Channing Cope.

We are in the middle of a no man's land and as Channing Cope unfortunately never even appeared on most indie radars, this more minimal version of the band was definitely stuck in limbo.

During these six songs, he is still searching himself, slowly adopting his own use of drums. I find it less convincing than his records with Channing Cope and Shere, even relatively abstract.

None of these tracks is really striking but a few ones are flirting with this limit and keep myself wondering, while alleviating my walking. "Rolling flags", "Inside Places", or "By the sea" are such budding embryos making the discovery valuable if you already know his other stuff.

Even in 2012, Black Sea Storm is still a work in progress and development. 


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