25 January 2012

Lexithimie - no matter how many times repeat (2009, Hibernate)

Four compositions, "Scale 1" to "Scale 4", a total length of 22 minutes, full of minimal, warm and blurry drones.

Listening to "No matter how many times repeat" is like experiencing the morning light with eyes still closed or watching a glass of water in front of a blank wall. Nothing really happens but the impression is both comfortable and appeasing. It's a time for rest, a time for settle down.
Honestly it's not really original considering the ambient textures or layering, but surprisingly it works.  I like the sense of depth of Alexis Béchu, London-based but French expat and they way he avoids extremes while still keeping a controlled intensity, offering a sense of space and nuances of light.
While extremely calm and quiet, it's not the kind of music which will put you to sleep because it is also stimulatory. I would rather listen to this while taking a bath, sitting on the grass, harvesting berries, opening curtains or preparing breakfast, small task which can be both reassuring and fulfilling at their own scale.


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