29 January 2012

Shores & Charles The Osprey - ritual (2011, 
No Idea)

This is a collaborative split EP between two bands, which were rehearsing and writing music in the same household, and progressively from meeting each other regularly came this idea of recording  something together.

Charles the Osprey is Rafael Ohli (guitar) and Derek Lancioni (drums), they play loud instrumental math-rock. Shores is Brian Przybylski (guitar, vocals, bass) and John Massel (drums), they play slowcore music under obvious Codeine / Bedhead influences. 

Shores is taking the lid on this EP opening with two nice and tense slowcore track, "Tipper" and "Scimitar Kids" which is an adaptation of a Charles The Osprey track. "Tipper" sounds like a lost b-side of Codeine, but "Scimitar Kids" is a much more interesting track floating somewhere between Bedhead and C-Clamp. It's climatic and you feel that stormy weather is slowly arriving with the accumulation of clouds. The tension grows until the point of fluid rupture and torrents of rain are then falling from the sky. Superb.

Next there is "Per Se", under the name Beaches (= Brian Przybylski + Derek Lancioni) and it sounds like a nice laid back Bedhead song. The Charles The Osprey track which follows is not really my cup of tea, more intriguing, but mostly anecdotal, is the next one, a cover of "Roux", from the debut album of Shores. The next track is under the name Howard the Duck (=Rafael Ohli + John Massel) and sounds like a barely quieter Charles the Osprey.

For fans of Shores and slowcore addicts.


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  1. You need to review Shores' new album this year, To Volstead! It's great!!