08 May 2012

Ambassador Engine - halves (2009)

At first it was released as a split album with the equally obscure project M. Pyres and now it is offered as an EP on archive.org.

It is the second release by Aaron Landgraf that I discover. I gind it relatively less striking than his debut album I previously reviewed.

Except for the first track, "Fell through unmade and tired" which is just as perfect as it can be. Almost 5 minutes of contemplative ambient music full of a deep intimate and sensitive melancholy. It reminds me of the first album by Album Leaf but with a more depressive atmosphere of mourning and sweet despair.  Good for crying as in the end it is also warm, moving and comforting as you feel connected with a special sensitivity.

Strangely I would situate this work also in line with the Yuichiro Fujimoto discography for this capacity to transcend spontaneous imperfection into priceless authenticity.

The next two tracks, even if not devoid of interest are somewhat too confuse, rough and unfinished to really convey my emotions. Next in line, the quieter "Wrongly Captain, Wrongly" works in fact much better, with a sparser instrumentation and and open vision, you're free to wander and let you mind drifting along these 4 splendid minutes. Strangely it reminds me of Sawako, even if the style and approach are different. "Remember when it's like" goes on in the same direction, just slightly more vibrant but lose track during the last part.

This EP is more like "a work in progress" than something truly achieved, only the lights of the first track deserve attention and a thorough exploration.


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