04 May 2012

Stumbleine - rose tinted (2011)

For sure I should hate of at least dislike Stumbleine, but one track and I'm down.

Ultra-processed vocals over slowed dubstep beats but with a nice melancholic pervading mood which reminds me in a row of Bark Psychosis, Massive Attack, The Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valmentine, Disco Inferno or Slowdive, even if it is totally a different style of music.

Maybe it's the purest form of chillwave, dealing with ether and depth, while still being apparently just light and superficial, but well, I could not think about something more efficient and honestly superb right now as I enjoy this EP.

Stumbleine, a name apparently borrowed to a Smashing Pumpkins track is the project of a Bristol, UK based musician. "Rose Tinted" is an EP released in 2011.

The two first tracks, "Ember" and "Tremolo" seem to belong to another world, both are just extraordinary. "Kaleidoscope" and "Daydreamer" are more "normal" and fail to achieve the same level of transcendence.

The way vocal samples are processed and reconstructed is done with such a mastery that I'm taken by surprise. Using such artifacts, Stumbleine seems at first bluffing but rapidly you notice how much graceful is the realization.   

Honestly, I am just extremely impressed.

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