28 May 2012

High Highs - ep (2011)

Brooklyn based but with an origin in Sydney, Australia, High Highs is a duo formed by the songwriter Jack Milas, and the electro-pop producer Oli Chang, which is now a trio as the drummer Zachary Lipkins recently joined them.

Australian yes, this specific melodic warmth we sparse elements of melancholy we know since the Go-Betweens but this smoothness also which could have Sweden as origin because yes I enjoy High Highs as much as Days, Sambassador or The Last Days of April.

Four addictive pop songs built around intimate and melancholic falsetto vocals, chorus and a guitar transformed in pure gold through a subtle dreamy production, bathed in a sunny church reverb (they call this churchwave), complemented with a few sparse other elements, instruments and beats, which really put both the songs and the listeners in orbit.

It sounds like eating fresh strawberries late spring, with the freshness balancing the saccharine content. Each song is a true highlight but the biggest impact is reached on the particularly "Horses'. A precious, clever and simply extraordinary EP.


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