10 May 2012

Charge Group - charge group (Own, 2012)

What you won't remove from them is the fact they are full of life and energy, full of sunlight and full of big open skies at night, full of the ocean and the desert, full of urban atmospheres and long highways separating them. 

This second album by Charge Group is of a vibrant intensity with both feet deeply anchored on their territory, with lungs full of vivacity.

"The gold is gone" is intense and hymnal, slow and strong, with just enough heroic pride to compensate the stream of despair. "Broken Surprise" is more surprising, dynamic and melodic but dealing with the same darkness underneath. Obviously Charge Group is even more now than on their debut album a band, as their mutual alchemy is the absolute driving force here.

There was also the risk to let things go out of control but it doesn't take long before being sure that their strong identity is preserved as with "Volcano", you're hearing long echoes of the Purplene days. Even if on the next tracks there is like a progressive transmutation as below the skin and layers they keep following the same streams as on "Resistencia" or "Hearth of your home".

Were I am much more skeptical is when they turn into something more noisy and distorted and I admit I don't like tracks such as "Run", "Search party", 

But these ones are just exceptions and beautiful performances such as "Dominoes" or "I Saw The Leaves Falling Back To Their Branches" shows that besides a few errors, this will of diversification also provides us nice results.

Even If I'm less impressed by this album than I was by their debut, it's not devoid of qualities.

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