05 May 2012

Young Readers - family trees (2012)

Young Readers is the solo project of Jordan Herrera, from Enid, Oklahoma. He is writing slow melancholic bedroom indie folk songs, using acoustic guitar and some bass, violin and organ in the background.

It is well done but also very conventional and half of this EP is simply too saccharine for me. I'm surviving and still there for the review because the three other songs are striking this Hotel Alexis / Sparklehorse (their softest side) vibe. 

I really prefer when Jordan plays slower, adds some tension and explores more melancholic, sad and depressive directions as it makes his songwriting more deep, subtle and intense. 

The absolute highlight of this EP is "Naked", closely followed by "Blame" and finally "Lion Tamer". These are simple but efficient and authentic songs. 

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