03 May 2012

Minus Pilots - hitting up the heavens (2012, Eat Sleep Repeat)

The artwork seems to be borrowed from some sci-fi comic strips from the seventies (Moebius, Jodorowsky, Mézières, etc.). There is also this strange use of vinyl static noises all throughout the album.Two aspects which give an exotic aspect to the album and distract the listener.

It is also a very monotonous album of thirteen short tracks between 1:09 and 4:11, so it's not easy to select particular as none seems to be intended to stand apart, none seem to have been fully explored. 

A few ones are beautiful, impregnated with restraint and subtlety but you have to forget this static hiss and a flat sound production in order to reach their atmosphere and aura. So there is a remaining prejudicial distance between what could have been this album and its actual imperfection.

I particularly enjoy "super cluster", "where land ends gently", "nothing can happen to us", "dust storm zero" or "silent flat land", but they seem disconnected to each other and fail to constitute the backbone of the album.

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