11 May 2012

Black Sea Storm - 2009 (2009)

"2009" is the last of a series of three EP recorded by Ali Ozkan before he decided to stop singing in English and moved towards Turkish lyrics.

Even more than on  his previous EP's it sounds like a solo project trying to emulate the dimensions of a band, but without escaping totally the inherent limits.

More than before too, it reminds me of the quiet sides of the Swell and Helms discographies.

These seven songs are easy to like but are less susceptible to provoke a listening addiction. Less at least than what he achieved previously with his band projects Channing Cope and Shere.

Once that said, this EP isn't devoid of interest, and among the seven songs, I'm finally quite fond of "normal heights", "ctrl alt delete" and "may again". On "May again" and "Normal heights" he succeeds in creating an interesting tension between vocals and music. "Ctrl alt delete" is both contemplative and introspective, like letting your thoughts wander through the landscape on your way to work, escaping for a time from your daily routine.


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