06 May 2012

Epic45 - fragment #3 (Monospone, 2012)

Through the ten last years, my interest for Epic45 grew slowly, and if I was relatively skeptical at first with their records, as I was much more into July Skies, the project of one of their friends, they managed to turn me slowly into a fan. 

If I was seeing them mostly at first as post-rock followers of Hood, they slowly developed their own identity and sensitivity, and along the way, they became essential too.

This new EP is just fantastic, echoing of course a whole UK tradition, from Felt to At Swim Two Birds, from Hood to Field Mice, from Empress to Songs of Green Pheasant.

Four perfect slow melancholic songs with two leading the attack with their attractiveness, "Defeat" and "Monument", and the two others, "Skeletons" and "Ideas as Opiates" (a cover of Tears for Fears) playing the appeasement and a more sentimental contemplation, reminding me of Mombi's album on Own Records.

The biggest success of this EP is about both sounding modern and contemporary, sleek and old-fashioned, pleasing those who are as much fans of intimate songwriting than they are enjoying sensitive ambient atmospheres. 


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