18 May 2012

Ambassador Engine - your birthday means the end of us (2012)

Ambassador Engine ends like it started, with this single track, "Your Birthday Means The End of Us", as an au revoir. A temporary hiatus as he is already recording under the name Grammatica.

This ambient instrumental resumes perfectly what I enjoy about Ambassador Engine.  There is this soft and tired melancholy, these intimate slowcore echoes which are the backbone of the scenario. 

There is nothing utterly impressive about these ten minutes and it can slip between your fingers like thin dry sand but yet I feel myself able to totally identify with his approach and sensitivity. There is a nostalgic dimension, but it goes hand in hand with the disillusion about growing.

He is playing slow reverberated electric guitar, using a recurring theme as a mantra he explores following his feelings and thoughts. The sound color and intimacy reminds me of Low or Spokane and the structure and introspection is maybe closer to Scott Tuma or Hisato Higuchi but less experimental.

It is a highly sensitive and moving composition for the one patient enough and it fulfills you with both quietness, depth and interiority, swimming on the back at the surface of melancholy, eyes lost towards the sky.


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