01 May 2012

Cub Scouts - "pinocchio" ; "evie" & "do you hear" (2012)

It takes just 20 maybe 30 seconds and you're already sure it's a big fish. It's indie, it's indie pop, it's clever. It could be from Sweden, from a cousin band to Sambassadeur or Days, or a transplant from another era, some young nephew of missing bands such as Brighter, Human Television or The Go-Betweens.

Almost a cappella with a sparse, bare, acoustic guitar, on "Pinocchio" or backed with tons of arrangements and a sparkling production, as on "Evie" or "Do you hear", it is always simply prodigious. Once again, as recently with High Highs or Pale Seas, Foreign Fields or Oscar + Martin, I can't believe how good these songs are, deliciously addictive, too opulent, too sunny, too joyful but supremely irresistible and graceful.

Cub Scouts is a five piece from Brisbane, dedicated to the songs of Tim Nelson, they started in 2010. They released two single songs with two videos so far, have a handful of live videos online too and still have to release their first EP. It is a bright start.


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