02 May 2012

Ambassador Engine - substraction, elation, hydration. (2008, Act So Big Forest))

Sometimes it's not easy to write about the music you're listening to, because words can be insufficient. 

Particularly with instrumental music when the dimension is intently intimate, introspective and delicate. 

Even if the musical style is really different, "Subtraction, Elation, Hydration.", with no traces of shoegazing, Ambassador Engine reminds me of Pasture, even if its is much more acoustic and unprocessed, because both of these artists stand apart from everything I could think of and ache me so deep inside.

It sounds like standard lo-fi experimentation at first, very spontaneous and not strictly composed, and I almost stopped to listen to the album after a few second. But and intuition told me to persist and  already after acclimation the two first tracks impact me so much, "People shade" and "Pothole wishing well", floating somewhere between Tara Jane O'Neil and Idaho but at a bedroom scale, warm and so incredibly intimate.

Using heavy distortion and mixing acoustic and electric guitars, "7 Fish" is much more intense and strangely promising. Further in this direction, "Shells (reflected in faces, reflected in glasses)" makes me imagine the sweetest version of Flying Saucer Attack or Windy& Carl ever, I feel like inside a dream.

Mixing piano and drones, "Interlude 'when the bird falls out of her nest" is simply deliciously moving and contemplative, it's only 2 minutes long but you can repeat it endlessly. The pervading sadness of "Dmgd boy" is intoxicating, I'm so surprised how such a minimal track can be so deeply moving.

Just next, "Glass hill on a river in Japan" fills me with nostalgic feelings, just like noticing that autumn is already there and that you will miss summer forever. 

Even when the track turns almost as with "Olive Tree" it is just utterly brilliant and infinitely delicate.



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