12 January 2011

Bio + Larkian + Les Poissons Autistes - self-titled (2011, Three Four)

A collaboration of three Swiss post-rock / ambient / experimental projects, released on a French/Swiss label. What surprises me first is the ironic humor with the titles of the tracks which contrasts sharply with the seriousness and the cold atmospheres of the compositions.

Except on Three:Four Records, I wouldn't have been surprised to discover this record on other labels like Where Are My Records, Temporary Residence, Kranky or Strange Attractors Audio House, as they share this sense of grandeur and darkness while avoiding most of the clichés related to post-rock and offering instead nice musical trips in various backgrounds.

On such labels yes, but ten years ago, as it gives me the feeling of falling in a time back machine, not in an outdated way, mostly as something nostalgic. This is indeed, clearly, a synergy of aesthetes, a sum of talents with a referential world of musicians as only consensus, with no plan to cover new grounds, only to combine their different perspectives.

Even if it's not a "band" project, it sounds a lot like it, but without a leader more as an organized community. There is no discernible pathway, no progression  from one track to the other. Even if it has been a long distance realization with the exchange of digital files, it sounds like a band playing on a definite place, with a constant atmosphere and weather all through. It's the night, maybe during autumn or spring, a sky covered with dark clouds moving with the wind, with deserted suburbs and empty industrial parks. One of the reasons for this coherence must have been the perspective of live concerts.

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